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Clinical and Medical Support Services

The TMAX Team maintains a fully-
credentialed national panel of more

than 2,000 independent health care
providers and reviewers representing every recognized medical specialty and major licensed practitioner categories. Our experts apply cutting-edge
technologies with nearly three decades of independent review and quality assurance experience, enabling us to deliver proven solutions that simplify the most complex review processes. Our objective is ensuring the best
possible outcomes for citizens and the government by rendering accurate decisions quickly.

Business Process Operations and Management

From start to finish, TMAX manages
business process operations and
management solutions. We improve the efficiency and outcomes of programs by adopting and building on existing policies and other business rules. TMAX successfully supports Federal agencies through customized operations, training and quality programs. With strong program management capabilities
along with business process support
services, TMAX helps agencies stand up new programs and deliver on existing programs. TMAX supports large and small programs with the ability to scale as needed.

Contact Center, Staffing and Surge Support Solutions 

TMAX designs and operates high-performance contact centers and other operations seamlessly across multiple platforms. Clients value our proactive approach and expertise to rapidly deploy and manage staff. Our knowledgeable and empathetic specialists work with individuals to ensure customers experience world-class service with every interaction. TMAX understands a successful contact center involves more than staff and telephones. We actively manage delivery of programs end to end, including implementation, hiring, training, quality assurance, and compliance, resulting in risk reduction, consistency and efficiencies.  

Technology Application and Digital Enablement

TMAX leverages proven innovative technologies to enable an omni channel experience, customer relationship management, financial and business decision support, and robust data analytics. TMAX understands that citizens demand self-service and real-time access. TMAX implements the rightsolution tailored to eachprogram.




TDB Communications, Inc. (TDB) and Maximus Federal Services, Inc. (Maximus) have launched TMAX Government Solutions, LLC (TMAX), a Small Business (SB) Joint Venture (JV). TMAX will deliver proven customer focused business process management services and solutions on behalf of public sector organizations and Federal, State, and Local governments. Combining innovative technologies and business process services with a strong, skilled workforce, TMAX will enable its government clients to provide outstanding services and customer experience in the areas of: 


  • Contact Centers and Customer Engagement Hubs

  • Eligibility, Enrollment and Verification Services

  • Healthcare, Clinical and Medical Related Services

  • Business Process Operations and Program Management

  • Supply Chain and Logistics Modernization Solutions

TMAX brings the power and past performance of a large global business combined with the delivery success of a diverse small business. Meeting the needs of today’s government clients as they strive to meet their specific agency, as well as citizen, services while supporting the overall requirements to work with diverse small organizations and local communities.

TMAX leverages the partnership and experience of the two businesses which have worked together since 2015. In close collaboration, Maximus and TDB have officially certified participants in both the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Mentor-Protégé Program and the Small Business Administration (SBA) Mentor-Protégé Program. TMAX is initially being launched as an SB JV with both SDVOSB and 8(a) Program socioeconomic categories under the formal Small Business Administration (SBA) JV program.



Agencies choose TMAX as they strive to achieve their strategic priorities and deliver citizen services while meeting their small business goals. TMAX brings over 40 years’ government service expertise and a proven track record to create a rich Customer Experience (CX). TMAX supports agency missions by leveraging the robust past performance of TDB and Maximus, proven delivery excellence and comprehensive certifications and accreditations and both teams.

The past performance and delivery excellence of a large global business combined with success and focus of a diverse small business makes TMAX your experienced, industry leading, best in class small business option.




GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Categories:

561422: Automated Contact Center Solutions (ACCS)

ANCILLARY: Ancillary Supplies and Services


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